When the Music Stops 
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 7:47PM
blue in Relationships

I've had to bear the indignity of dating at an age when being The Single Girl is no longer fun and games.  When only friends who are sick of being grabbed upon by needful toddlers and husbands envy the solitary life.

     (but only sometimes . . . )

When going to the club is alright, but is only truly acceptable at homecoming or birthdays.

     (or when that married friend has a babysitter . . .)

When your Pretty is still spoken of in present tense, but when this attribute only serves as foder for speculation:  

That you're the dented can. 

The cracked plate.

The chipped cup that sits in the back of the cupboard. 

     (Because why else would you remain unclaimed?)

So you've pushed [it] back.  Swallowed [it] whole.  Tucked [it] in.  And positioned it so that only the best parts show. 


I've had to bear the indignity of dating at an age when the list of requirements to be possessed by our conjured partner is no longer set forth with an "and." 

Now, successful or attentive.  Passionate or loyal.  You can't have it all, you know. 

And if you try--well, good for you.  But just remember: This is not child's play.

When the music stops, you may be left standing alone.  There's not room for everyone to settle down. These are the rules. 

     Too few chairs.  Too many players. 

And so, you unwittingly play this non-game while trying to ignore the fading melody in the background. 

And yet- staccatoed steps stutter at every hint that the song has halted and dizziness begins to overtake the weary.

And while you don't say "yes" to every seat that is offered, you sometimes linger for a beat too long. . . 

No longer able to recognize if the music has truly stopped--or if you're just tired of playing the game. 


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