In Brief: The Funk
Monday, August 2, 2010 at 2:57PM
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Some of my most memorable romantic liaisons have been with men who don’t shower everyday.

Yes: I know that this sounds absolutely horrifying. I know that this statement is likely conjuring up images of both Tracy Morgan and Dennis Rodman (neither of who I’ve ever smelled-but they both just look like they stink)-but please, hear me out. I’m not talking about men who don’t exercise proper hygiene (for instance, by neglecting to apply deodorant, who fail to see the importance of washing their hands or who flout generally acceptable bathroom protocol), but about brothers who are comfortable with their own slight funk. I’m talking about the brothers who use Tom’s instead of Speed Stick. I’m talking about the man who has spent time overseas and whose nose has become offended by the chemicals that Americans use to stamp out any scent of humanity. Oh, and yes, I’m talking about he who is just too busy (after a night of spittin’ on the mic or strumming his guitar) to take a bath before falling asleep (on his hammock). To be clear, strong stenches are completely unacceptable…but a slight funk that is punctuated by Egyptian musk can be strangely alluring on the right person. 


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