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    Size Matters (But Don't Believe the Hype)

    There are certain things that are good only in theory (hereinafter, "G.O.T."):  Olestra, "Spray-on-Hair," and Joey (n.1), to name a few.  For quite some time, I have filed the Big Black Cock (n.2) away in the G.O.T. category as well.  I used to believe that it was only me who shruddered at the thought of having to stuff anything greater than 5.08 inches in my average-sized snatch--but it turns out that I am not alone.  While, as a youngster, I believed that it would be great to be able to brag that my husband was a doctor AND had a huge dick, I now realize that I would much rather have a smallish-to-average sized partner.

    My best friend and I don't typically rehash every detail of our sexual expolits to eachother--but when we do, the question of size always arises--and what follows never mirrors the dialogue in porn or in Zane novels (n.3):  There is never any joyous gesticulation when either one of us replies, "girl, he was this big."  Eyes fail to widen in envy when we've witnessed the other limp through the door while remarking that, "he tore it up." (n.4) 

    Rather, when dating a big boy our conversation is often filled with lamentation.  From roughly 1999-2002 (the time period in which my "BFF" was dating the college jock-come-Mandingo), our conversation was filled with how she dreaded sleeping with him.  From what she told me, he was (mostly) a thoughtful lover--making sure that she was properly aroused (and, when she wasn't, not complaining too much about her use of KY)... but there is no way that squeezing That into This is going to feel good. 

    This is not to say that there aren't any females who relish big dicks... Indeed, I know one such woman who constantly talks about the joys of ginormous phalluses (but, then again, she actually calls them "cocks"...)

    And this is also not to say that I've never seen a dick that was too small:  I once dated a guy who was so tiny that he couldn't fill a condom (the prototype for the "one size fits most" concept)...And while the sex was lackluster, it certainly was pleasant!  Sure, I could have used another inch or two-but at least I didn't go home limping in pain.


    n.1     How could a Friends spin-off suck so much?!     

    n.2     While I use the term, "Big Black Cock," I use it merely in jest:  Indeed, my thoughts apply to large penises of all hues.

    n.3.   i.e., "Girlfriend, you need to get you some of that:  His thobbing cock made my sugar walls swell."

    n.4     Not that I would ever say anything so crude.


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    Reader Comments (1)

    Glad for the footnote of the rainbow coalition of the large perspective. Especially considering that in another post you stated that you have sworn off the lighter hues. But whenever a woman has shown any concern over whether or not THAT could go in THERE, caution is always the way to go. And the more pleasurable one. No one wants to try to thread a needle with yarn unless & until said needle was ready & the yarn was well moistened.

    June 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDJ

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